Friday, December 3, 2010



The thing I realized only after I hurt you
I was looking for the number of faults in you when we should have looked at each other

Our days were buried in small lies So that we can fight the doubts
Our hearts know the meaning of losing each other This second winter is standing still

You are lost because you cannot see tomorrow Raising your voice you were crying
Without being able to find any words I just caught your tears

Wrapped in loneliness the days soaked both of us
We were repeatedly looking for understanding I can feel it deeply once again

It's no lie when I said that I felt eternity
I will certainly be by your side

I don't need "I love you" anymore
If only you'd stay forever by my side
I want to be broken by you
Who exhausted your voice by crying

All the words from the beginning to the end were said to you
So that you won't let go of these arms
The same dream that stood by our side washed us both away

The small lies change their shapes and dissolve into a white breath of air
So that we won't forget the meaning of losing each other It doesn't matter how many times my heart is stabbed

I leave this "goodbye" right here and move forward
I won't lose you once again

So that we can assure ourselves of our love we both had to see sorrow
Even if we both end up vanishing tomorrow It's okay to not cry anymore

Someday we will change into two people that pass like the seasons
Even if there will be nights when you will be frozen from sadness
Don't forget

Nothing will ever end

In a deep dream